Linear heat detector cable


Sensor cable

105°C (Typ F) – 59.761.13
138°C (Typ F) – 59.761.12
180°C (Typ F) – 59.761.10

  • The sensor cable consists of two steel conductors sheathed in special temperature-sensitive plastic. In the event of fire, an alarm is triggered at the selected response temperature.
  • Fastening materials for the cable shall be attached in such a way that sagging of the sensor cable is avoided. As a result a retainer has to be used every 50 cm to 75 cm.
  • Furthermore, a minimum radius of 6.4 cm must be maintained at bends.
  • Universal application – excellent abrasion resistance as well as resistance to chemicals & gas penetration
  • Tested according to EN 50155, EN 50121-3, EN 60068, EN 61373
  • Approved to UL and FM Global

Connection box LHD

59.770.55 a/b

  • Connection box for the connection of a linear heat detector with a higher ranking control
    – Connector label „Control Equipment“ (2-pole)
    – Connector label „LHD In / Out“ (2×2-pole)
  • Pre-installed with 1kohm resistance and depending on the system requirements
    – with 10kohm (59.770.55 a) or
    – with 20kohm (59.770.55 b) parallel resistance
  • Internal screw connection terminal blocks for wire sizes from 0,2mm2 to 4mm2, so stabile and easy to wire
  • Including test key („Test“) for a convenient verification of the alert function by simulating a short circuit on the linear heat detector
  • Prepared for the stabile vertical or horizontal assembling by customers connection geometry via 4 screws (not included)
  • Timeless, elegant design