Aerosol Extinguishing Systems

Aerosol – Extinguishing Systems

Stat-X® aerosol extinguishing agent is harmless to humans, animals and the environment and does not affect the ozone layer. Its effectiveness has been intensively tested by independent institutes and has been certified and awarded several times for fire classes A, B and C due to its positive characteristics. Stat-X® is the only aerosol extinguishing technology that has both UL® and ULC® certification.

Stat-X® aerosol extinguishing systems do not require extensive technical installation work or additional structural measures. This makes installation much easier and less expensive. Due to the 10-year life expectancy, even in harsh environments, annual operating costs can be significantly reduced compared to conventional fire extinguishing systems.

The Stat-X® aerosol extinguishing cartridges can be triggered either thermally (T-Series) or electrically (E-Series). In rail vehicles, the electrically actuated variants are mainly installed in technical areas.