Living history with a bright future.

RSI has more than 115 years of railroad expertise. The company emerged from the “Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits” workshop in Vienna. This company was almost entirely responsible for night trains in Europe. At the same location where RSI is still active today, wagons were serviced, bogies repaired and even bed linen were washed. During the 20th century, RSI Austria GmbH established itself as an important service company for both, international state railroads and numerous private and regional operators who made use of our rail expertise.

In addition, the Vienna location achieved a good reputation in the modernization of existing railroad cars into “state of the art” sleeping cars including the first “wet cells” and the latest safety standards. Additionally, the preservation of its first-class craftsmanship made RSI one of the top addresses for nostalgia railroads when it came to restoring or maintaining historic sets.

The special competence for fire protection in rail vehicles developed from this wide ranged skillset.
Even today the extraordinary spirit of the company is preserved through the aura of the wonderful Red Brick building at the current location, summing up all the experience and the love for railroads, which still reside inside the three letters
R, S and I.

Even the laundry is still here today, although it is mainly cleaning linen for famous hotels.