Solution F1-Rail

From individual passenger carriages to complete trains this product offers a professional fire detection system that can be used to fulfill the most complex tasks. The system is based on ring bus technology with an EN standard-compliant, railway-tested fire alarm control panel, which is already designed with  redundancy in the basic configuration to ensure maximum reliability and fail-safety. Thanks to the comprehensive repertoire of detectors, signaling devices, I/O modules – a perfect and scalable solution is provided for each application.

Plug n’ Play replacement of detectors without the need for software configuration is just one of many features that ensure efficient and cost-effective preventive maintenance.

With an optional gateway, the connectivity of the fire alarm system (MVB, WTB, CAN, ETH) can be easily extended.

The fire detection system meets all railroad requirements as well as the widely recognized building standards of EN 54-2 and EN 54-13. This ensures reliable operation and further underlines RSI’s quality responsibility.