Social Responsibility


Whoever uses a historic area as a company location is required to carry out constant maintenance work.

The company has gladly placed great emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection over the past 20 years. For example the heating system and a total of 134 windows and 17 hall doors were renewed – the energy consumption was generally reduced by insulation (almost 5,000 m² of hall roofs were insulated) and, above all, a photovoltaic system was installed, which has already saved the environment more than 325 tons of CO2 since its construction in 2013.


RSI has seamlessly adapted its corporate culture to the more than 100-year-old tradition, which states that good payment and good working conditions always result in the better and more satisfied employees. Numerous additional benefits, generous training programs and team building activities have always highlighted the company as a popular employer.


In accordance with our quality policy, we stand for first-class service delivery, employee development and a cooperative relationship with our partners to ensure and improve product quality. RSI represents these values not only through our products and services, but also through our successful business relationships. Over the years, RSI has earned an excellent reputation through our strong commitment, expertise, and the excellent quality of our products.

In order to ensure that our reputation continues to grow in an increasingly complex business world, this Code of Conduct has been drawn up. It contains the most important rules and principles that apply both internally and externally. We expect our employees and business partners to identify with RSI’s corporate principles and to act in accordance with these values.