SFCP Rail – Smart Fire Control Panel

Conventional fire alarm technology or extinguishing controls can be a cost-effective solution for specific applications. Therefore, RSI offers a compact fire detection and extinguishing control unit. With the appropriate components, an efficient system can be implemented.

Classic areas of application are individual control cabinets or technical areas in rail vehicles. In combination with a small scale fire fighting system, the requirements of EN 45545 can be fulfilled. This system represents a smart solution for engine compartment monitoring in a wide variety of (special purpose-) vehicles.


SFCP Rail – Smart Fire Control Panel (Compact fire detection and extinguishing control unit)


  • Developed and designed according to DIN 14497 (small extinguishing systems) in accordance with EN 12094-1
  • Fault and alarm identification directly via LEDs on the control panel
  • Power supply via wide range input 11 to 32 V DC (optional battery emergency operation)
  • Housing protection class IP68
  • Adjustable mode via DIP switch: manual, 1- or 2-line dependency for detection, alarm and extinguishing output
  • Manual activation (double keys to avoid unwanted fault releases) and extinguishing delay (“Hold”) are also possible on the control panel of the control unit
  • Two monitored conventional zones for the connection of up to 4 conventional smoke detectors, multi-sensor detector, linear heat detector, bar heat detector, flame detectors
  • 1 monitored conventional zone for external manual control device according to EN 12094-1
  • 1 monitored conventional zone for external extinguishing delay switches (stop buttons)
  • 1 output for external alarm device
  • 1 monitored extinguishing output (optimized for monitored control of max. 4 fire suppression generator Stat-X)
  • 3 configurable, potential-free signal outputs with changeover contact 30 V DC / 1 A loadable (collective fault , pre-alarm, main alarm)